Cover art, minus logos & borders

Here are some pieces I did for PSC Games’ expansion to Rome & Roll, titled Rome & Roll: Gladiators. I’ve worked with Will and the gang at PSC on several projects before, but this was the first time I worked on one of David Turczi’s games. He is a really fun guy brimming with great ideas. He popped out the composition concept for the cover in our initial meeting, and we rolled with it.

The project was a bit out of the ordinary for me, in that I was stepping into the shoes of the original artist, Andreas Resch, and trying to mimic his style a bit.

I also don’t have a ton of experience with architecture, and spent way too much time researching ancient buildings for a modicum of historical accuracy.

I started with very basic 3D models for a couple, but for most I’d create a flat building facade in Illustrator. Using these as a foundation, I took them into Photoshop, distorted them into rough perspective, then started painting on top of that foundation.

Here are a few more pieces from the game, which completed a successful Kickstarter a few months ago.

Roman metal caster
Horreum: Roman warehouse
Ludus: Gladiator training school
Roman Pantheon
A Roman apiary

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