Some analog work while I wait for my computer to be fixed. Started with a rough sketch in my sketchbook, which has a toothy grain. I normally use pretty dark pencils, so things end up rough and dirty. But normally I’d scan it then clean up in Photoshop.

Initial pencil sketch
But because I’ve got no computer right now, I copied the original sketch on my copier, blowing it up by 150%. Then I traced the general outlines onto smooth Bristol board using a lightbox. From there, I was able to do some finer line work, mostly with a 6H pencil, and some darker lines with a my trusty HB mechanical pencil, and clean ups with my new favorite toy, a Tombow Mono Zero ultra fine eraser. 
Finished drawing on Bristol, with a few minor edits done later in Photoshop
The whole process was really a lot of fun – working on a smooth surface with some tools I rarely use, all while sitting comfortably on my front porch on a beautiful summer day. 
I gotta unplug more often!


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