One of the pitfalls of working digitally is the ability to endlessly revise and second-guess. This can lead to endless hours of noodling. Beginning on paper can help start you off focused: you commit to decisions — good or bad — and follow through, because it’s more difficult to alter than a purely digital image. Of course, once you get something down in pencil and scan it in, it’s easy to revise, but some of that initial commitment remains I think. 
In any case, I’m sometimes surprised at how many alterations I make to sketches!

2 Replies to “Rotting undead sketch”

  1. Nice work, my friend!
    Although the flipped version works better for the composition, I actually prefer the feeling of the sketch over the digital revision.
    I know what you mean about committing, though. Got the same problem myself. That's why I do more and more of my sketching in ink 😉

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